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About The Federation:
Nepal Taekwondo Association is an International Federation governing the sport of Taekwondo and is a member of Nepal Martial Arts Association with other two martial arts disciplines under the Nepal Sports Council.  NTA leads the most inclusive and accessible combat sport, which combines the values of an ancient Asian heritage with the values of a global elite sport. Taekwondo evolves on a solid base, mixing the traditional and the modern. The values recognized by practitioners and partners are the strength of our sport. They are distilled from those found in our society: the search for pleasure, surpassing oneself, perseverance. moral and physical strength, and respect for others.

TAEKWONDO was introduced in Nepal as a martial arts discipline in 1983, with a group of Nepalese Taekwondo practitioners in initiation of Mr. Deep Raj Gurung. presently serving as a Secretary General of Nepal Taekwondo Association by performing first time Taekwondo Demonstration publicly. Any martial arts along with Taekwondo were banned in the country to practice or to train by or for any Nepalese citizen. After the successful performance of Taekwondo Demonstration. the Nepalese Government realized the beneficial aspect of introducing Taekwondo in discipline forces in Nepal Police & Nepalese Army & later it was accepted as a open sports discipline for every Nepalese citizen.

Vision : Taekwondo For All

Mission: Develop and grow Taekwondo throughout the nation, from a grass roots level all the way through to an elite level, to provide at with the opportunity to play, watch and enjoy the sport regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or ability.

Values Inclusiveness, Leadership, Respect, Tolerance, Excellence, and Integrity.

Objectives: NTA is responsible for the development, growth, and administration of Taekwondo around the nation. NTA has identified three strategic priorities for the 201,- 2021 cycle:
1. Add value to the Olympic Movement.

2 Development of Events

3 Development of Member Associations:

Established : 1983 A.D.
        No. of Member Taekwondo Associations : 43
        Location : Satdobato, Lalitpur
        President :Mr Prakash Shumsher Rana
        Secretary General : Mr. Deep Raj Gurung
        Affiliation to World Taekwondo(WT):
        IOC Recognition :
        Number Of Black Belts : 87000
        Color Belt (junior) Players : 225000

        Trainings Center(Dojangs) :1207
        Number Of Coaches : 1207
        Government Employees : 111
        Volunteer Coaches : 1096
        International Referee : 25
        National Referee : 525
        National Taekwondo Charnpionship :14 times
        Korean Ambassador Championship  : 8 times

        Mount Everest Championship : 2 times
        Invitational Intl Taekwondo Charnpionship :15times

        Internal Championship : 475 times

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